How Smart Homes Devices can Help Seniors Age in Place – Part I

Smart homes devices have become increasingly more convenient as an option to make life a little easier for elderly adults as they age in place. This is becoming more popular as time progresses and offers features that are not regularly seen in traditional homes that can improve the state of an individual in both physical and mental capacities. 

Technologies such as video doorbells, assistant devices, smart light switches, digital thermostats, automatic medication dispensers, stove moderators, smart refrigerators, auto vacuums, auto doors, and cabinet lifts, are just a few new developing technologies that impact the way an elderly individual lives in a positive manner. 

Each of these technologies mentioned above all share in common the concept of automation:

  • The doorbell, for example, automatically detects persons arriving at the door and signals to the homeowner via an app on their phone that someone is there. 
  • Automatic medication dispensers can be loaded by caregivers to dispense daily medication to elderly residents. They also have an alarm to tell the elderly resident when it is time to take the medication. This prevents overdosing on medication or forgetting to take medication.  
  • A smart light switch ensures that the lights are turned off or on if the homeowner forgets to do so. Family members can even connect to talk to the elderly individual via a large digital screen on the electronic refrigerator. 
  • Amazon Echo is a digital assistant. The Echo can be set up to be connected in order to monitor all the other electronic devices in the home. In this manner, the individual aging in place can simply speak to the device and it will perform the desired action, such as turning on the air conditioning, digitally connecting to family members, or playing music.

Smart homes devices provide a safer and more secure way for an individual aging in place to take care of their home without as many physical risks of injuries due to basic daily functions. If an individual is injured at home, these smart accessories can be connected to emergency services for their protection. This way there is always someone able to respond if the individual needs assistance and they are unable to move.

The benefits of home automation systems help increase feelings of independence and freedom, increase convenience, and make living by oneself a more desirable option as they age in place.

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