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Life Care Planning

Our nurse Life Care Planner utilizes the scientific methodology of the nursing process to create a dynamic plan for an individual with a catastrophic injury. The plan takes into consideration, their lifetime needs for support systems, living environment, psychosocial, medical and equipment needs related to their injury. The Life Care Plan is prepared in collaboration with other health care team members based on the individual needs of the injured person. The case manager implements and evaluates the Life Care Plan to complete the nursing process.

Medical Cost Projection

Our Medical Cost Projections help attorneys prepare for settlement negotiations or for setting reserves for cases involving catastrophic/non-catastrophic injury or other chronic condition. Our holistic approach ensures that our Medical Cost Projections are meticulously built to include all aspects of treatment and care.

Nurse Consulting

Legal nurse consulting is the analysis and evaluation of facts and testimony and the rendering of informed opinions related to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services and outcomes, and the nature and cause of injuries. The legal nurse consultant is a licensed registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of clinically related issues in a variety of settings in the legal arena

Care Management Services

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